Report on time, no matter how fast you trade

Link your CEX, wallets, DeFi investments and NFTs. Download auto-filled tax forms of your country with the click of a button. We give you real-time data of your portfolio and highlight tax-savings opportunities via our Tax-Bee Smart Engine.

We Reduce Complexity

No matter into what products you put your money, we take care of the taxes for you. You invest, we do the rest.

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Country Specific

Our team of experts continually updates the proprietary Tax-Bee Smart Engine. We monitor and update laws and important court decisions to give you peace of mind - so that your tax man does not give you a piece of his...

Licensed Tax Advisors

You have access to the vast network of our cooperation partner ECOVIS. You can address questions face-to-face with our crypto tax experts. They stand ready to provide tailored advice to your individual circumstances.

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Detailed Overview

You can review the tax impact of every transaction you made. The Tax-Bee Smart Engine suggests tax optimization strategies tailored to you individually.

We give you a complete transaction record for future tax audits. With it, you have all supporting evidence you need to prove what you declared and how.

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Automate your Tax Reporting

Once you are ready to submit your taxes, just click on the button and we generate your completed, personal tax report - ready to go.

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Optimize Holding Periods

We will alert you as soon as individual positions can be sold tax free. Use the Period Analysis to see what positions are reaching the cut-off day and at which date you can sell free of tax.

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Save Taxes

Our Tax-Bee Smart Engine identifies tax loss harvesting strategies and helps you optimize your overall tax burden.

Making your
crypto journey easier

The Tax-Bee Smart Engine puts you in the driver seat. Get real time data on your current tax positions, savings opportunities, and period analysis. When the time comes, create a full - country specific - tax report ready for submission.

Do you want to speak with a licensed professional? Reach out to us for the Pro Package.

Tax Package


includes Active Trader Package

Tax report for 1 tax year

Automated Tax Dashboard

Tax-Bee Smart Engine

Tax Package Pro


includes Tax Package

Consultation by licensed Crypto Tax Expert

Full professional liability*

Comprehensive review of tax filing

*Terms & Conditions of our partner ECOVIS apply

Knowledge Base

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